• Incorporated in 1994, Jennico Resources, inc. is a woman owned small business headquartered in Orlando with a branch office in the Washington, DC metro area.

• Our goal is to assist both public and private sector organizations improve bottom-line profitability through improved employee performance and customer satisfaction. Jennico applies technology to meet the changing needs of our clients.

• Our networked infrastructure is supported by a consortium of professionals dedicated to meeting our clients' assessment, planning, implementation, and development requirements. Each consultant has more than fifteen years experience in either Fortune 500 companies or running businesses of their own.

• We are experienced professionals who know how to solve business problems. Click here for case studies.

Case Studies

Large Fortune 50 Corporate Customer Administration Center
One of Jennico's principals worked with both corporate and field customer service operations to define the needs for a paperless process to receive and route customer communications received through the U.S. mail. An optical imaging application was designed, developed, and prototyped in one of six centers. After a successful test period the application was rolled out to the remaining centers nation wide. Return on investment (ROI) was projected at less than one year once the application was fully implemented. Savings resulted in eliminated file storage, copying equipment, and reductions in staffing requirements.

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Mid sized Advertising Firm
This start up business was growing at a rate of 200% year over year. Jennico engaged with the ad agency in the fourth year.

• Accounts receivables were aging 200+ days sales outstanding (DSO).

• Processes and procedures were not documented.
• Human resource management processes were minimal.

Within the first year, accounts receivables collections processes were established, resulting in a DSO of 60 days. Today the accounts receivables file is current. A policy and procedures manual has been documented for operations and human resources. An employee manual has been developed and distributed to all employees.

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