• Jennico has established an expertise in writing winning GSA schedule solicitation responses for the Marketing, Media, and Public Information; MOBIS; and Schedule 69 Training schedules. To date 100% of all applications submitted have been awarded a GSA contract.

• Jennico is currently providing support and guidance to several small businesses attempting to become qualified vendors on the GSA Federal Supply Schedule.

Businesses include:

Clay & Associates, Inc. a Seattle based woman owned training company known for its NetSpeed Leadership professional skills development training tools.

Business Decisions, Inc. a Chicago based HR software development and integration firm know for its focus products, brings leading edge technology to HR processes, performance management, and employee development.

The Center for Effective Performance, Inc. is an Atlanta based training and performance improvement organization with over 20 international awards.  

Dazzle Technology Corporation (DazzleTech) is a Sterling, Virginia full service interactive multimedia firm with strong emphasis on the development of creative custom e-learning solutions.

Performance Technology Associates, Inc. is a Danvers, Massachusetts woman owned small business providing performance improvement solutions to some of the worlds largest organizations invirtually every sector.

• Jennico submitted and secured a contract award on the GSA FSS MOBIS schedule for Thinking Dimensions, LLC a Washington, DC based International consulting company and distributor of the Kepner and Fourie Thinking Works technology.

• Jennico is developing a partnering relationship with West Productions, an Orlando based video production firm, and will form a new division - JRW Productions.

• While providing operational management support to Training Solutions Plus, Inc. Jennico is also assisting TSP with their GSA Schedule 69 Training Aids and Devices Federal Supply Schedule application.

• Qualified MarCom Group, Inc. as a vendor on the GSA Media and Marketing Services Federal Supply Schedule. The strategic business alliance with MarCom continues into the fourth year providing operational management and human resource support.

• Completed a four-phase project with the National Center for State Courts to analyze 1-800 line utilization and performance.

• Finalized strategic relationship with CeaBay.com, Inc. as the Managing Partner for distance learning initiatives managing virtual relationships.

Articles and tips are now available by subscribing to the Jennico e-newsletter. Contact us to add your name to the distribution list.

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Tactic: Effective e-newsletters
Electronic communications has swept the universe and can be one of the most effective tools in our marketing arsenal today. Likewise, electronic newsletters lead the pack when it comes to a successful and efficient tool for mass communication. Think of the savings; no paper, no printing, no postage, and no trips to the printer or post office to name just a few..

If you are considering whether or not to add e-newsletters to your marketing campaign consider the benefits.
• An e-newsletter can direct return traffic to your website.
• It is an excellent public relations tool.
• It allows you to get information to your customers, as well as get feedback.
• And as you build subscribers it may offer an opportunity to sell advertising in the e-newsletter and on your site.
• Thus it becomes an income generator.

To launch your own e-newsletter follow these three easy steps:

1. Build your list. Start with your present mailing list. Then add a sign-up box on your website. Keep the sign-up process simple, perhaps just an email address. You can go back and gather more information later.
In addition, ask your customers and prospects for email addresses in other forms of company communications and marketing.

2. Structure your content. Every issue should have a structured and consistent header with the your logo, date, issue, and a link to your website. Consider also the list of topics that would interest your readers and a schedule of articles. While HTML mailings are visually interesting, the Direct Marketing Association claims that 80% of the e-newsletters are sent in plain text to accommodate the vast numbers that can not access HTML email.

Consider one of two options; a series of short articles with reference to your website for more information or a longer article such as this. In either case keep the reading easy.
Use surveys to gather information and re-structure your e-newsletter to best meet the needs and expectations of your readers.

3. Manage your mailings. The frequency of your e-newsletters should be consistent; daily, weekly, quarterly, whatever. Set the expectation and follow through.

You can manage your e-newsletter yourself or contract with a provider such as MarCom. If you send your own e-newsletter it may be helpful to get some insight on distribution quantities and methods to avoid bring your email server to its knees.

Remember, whatever you do, do it well and you will reap the benefit of your effort. Consider the possibilities an e-newsletter might offer to your marketing efforts.

Part of the information for this article was captured from Entrepreneur Magazine.

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